Aunt Ruth’s Common Grammar Problems

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Sep 272016

Hey y’all,

Don’t forget that you can access Aunt Ruth’s Common Grammar Problems for all (well, some) of your grammatical and word usage questions!

The list will soon be expanding, as well. I have made significant progress on the next Aunt Ruth book with another 40+ stories to whet your grammatical appetite. Look for it in Spring 2017!

Who Knew Grammar Could Be So Fun!

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Mar 112011

The title of this post is a direct quote from Apex Reviews, who both reviewed the book (I Laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth’s Head) and interviewed me recently.

The thing is that learning is not only a good thing to do, but it is fun too. Becoming proficient at grammar can lead to mind-expanding word games, such as puns and other word play. It exercises the brain.

Certainly, not all of us like or enjoy hearing a well turned pun or a carefully crafted metaphor. That’s okay.

What? You haven’t read the Aunt Ruth book yet? It’s available from this web site.  Order your author-signed edition today!

The Book Is Ready!

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Oct 142009

I Laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth’s Head, featuring the adventures of Aunt Ruth as a way to humorously teach English grammar and usage, is available!  You can order it directly from me here (sales tax is included for NC residents). If you’re ordering outside the U.S., it’s probably easiest to do it through Authorhouse.

Coming Soon — Aunt Ruth Grammar Worksheets !

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Oct 142009

You’ve asked for it, and you’ll be getting it.  Coming soon, ready to thrill all students of the English language, young and old, are the Aunt Ruth Grammar Worksheets!

The worksheets correspond with the material in each chapter of I Laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth’s Head and will be the perfect supplement to the book.

Do you want to try examples to make sure you understand the grammar lesson for a particular chapter? Do you want to be entertained and educated at the same time? Do you want a real cool sheet of paper with which to make a paper airplane and throw it out your apartment window while your neighbor (and the perfect target), Mrs. Applethorpe, is working in the garden?

Well then, these worksheets will be perfect for you.  Stay tuned and watch this space!