How to Pronounce Blessed

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Oct 102014

Here’s a little piece of grammar that most English-speakers probably get right just because they were raised doing it this way. I don’t ever remember being formally taught about this little tidbit. This is short and sweet for a Friday evening. Ready? Here goes.

The pronunciation of the word blessed varies according to its usage.

The word blessed can be used as an adjective or a verb. Actually, it can also be used as a noun.

When using it as an adjective, pronounce it in two syllables: BLES-SID.

So, the blessed day, the blessed saint, the blessed mother: all are said with two syllables.

When using blessed as a verb, pronounce it in one syllable: BLEST

He waved his arms and blessed the day.

He blessed the ground upon which he walked.

He blessed the meal before eating.

Now, how about when blessed is a noun?

The blessed shall be chosen first.

In this case, blessed should be said with two syllables. Think of this as substituting for “blessed people,” in which case, as an adjective, blessed would be two syllables.

That’s all, folks!